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How we help
  • We are committed to building and nurturing family harmony through understanding each individual and the family system

  • We are dedicated to improving family communication and decision making

  • We help families build their legacy and plan for the future and future generations

  • We work with families to design meaningful structures and rules of engagement for the family and the business

Every family is unique

Together we create solutions that are bold & bespoke

Thriving across generations

At Avanti we know you want to be a thriving multi-generational family business with a strong legacy, a shared and compelling vision for your family and your business, harmonious family relationships, an entrepreneurial culture and a firm eye on the future.

How to get there...

In order to do that you need to be able to communicate meaningfully and make sound decisions as a family about the things that are important to you as as joint owners of your business. This starts with understanding each individual, their needs, skills and desires as well as the needs of the collective and the business.

How we help

Our services are bespoke, tailored to your family based on thorough up-front research into where you are and where you want to get to, an approach that engages the family throughout the process. Everyone has a voice that needs to be heard. Only by engaging and including everyone will the solutions work long term.

How I see the world

I believe

I believe
Family businesses can and deserve to be unstoppable when there is ownership alignment.

I also believe
That accepting less is not what you want.

I know
Family businesses are amazing, values and purpose driven businesses who contribute to the livelihoods of employees and local communities around the world.

I understand
That at the same time, family businesses are highly complex systems and that emotions play a significant role in many family business contexts.

I’ve witnessed
That some things come naturally and easily because of family relationships, other things are more complicated because of those same family relationships.

I’m here
To help families enjoy what they own together, plan for the future and be as successful as they can be.

I’m honoured
When family businesses choose to share their journey with me and/or chose to address their most pressing concerns, biggest challenge or opportunities with me and allow me to hold a space and facilitate a process for them that allow them to shift from where they are to where they want to be.

I am
Elizabeth Bagger
Avanti Family Business Advisory


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Our services


Family Dynamics and Communication

While well-functioning family dynamics and open family communication are important for the success of any family enterprise, it means different things to different families. As a facilitator, I create a space for family dynamics to shift when things have become stuck so better dialogue can emerge and important issues can be resolved, discussed and/or agreed.


Family Governance

Family governance structures can serve family owners in powerful ways when they are created collaboratively and for the right reasons. They can promote and support the glue that binds the family together and be forums for courageous, creative and considered dialogue and decision making. I help families create cohesive governance structures according to their needs.


Supporting the next generation

I help foster relationships between the next generation as a group I help prepare the next generation for ownership (guided by what it means to each family ‘to own’) I help the next generation to find the best way to contribute to the family enterprise through focusing on individual skills and enterprise needs I mentor individual next generation members


Family Retreats

Family retreats can be a powerful way for families to strengthen family relationships. I work with families to create family retreats that allow them to work on key themes or challenges and explore new opportunities.

Family business advisory

About me

Elizabeth Bagger, Founder & CEO

My passion for family business led me to establish Avanti Family Business Advisory in September 2021 to support individual family businesses on their journey towards more harmonious family dynamics, stronger family governance and next generation integration and education.

Accredited facilitator

FFI GEN Certificates in Family Business Advising

Member of Family Firm Institute

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